Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Virgil Defends Hulk Hogan, Gives His Opinion Of Vince McMahon

Wrestling legend Virgil was recently interviewed by the Canadian Bulldog. Like most of his interviews, Virgil's answers were borderline delusional. Here are some highlights of what he...

Donald Trump Coverage Continues To Link Him To Pro Wrestling All week, there's been a noticeable pattern in Donald Trump coverage from mainstream and semi-mainstream media: Linking his theatrics and showmanship on the presidential...

Triple H Addresses Tough Enough Finalists (Video), Dusty Rhodes’ Funeral, More

- The funeral service for the late "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes is scheduled for Wednesday, June 17th in Tampa, Florida. - Former WWE Superstar Virgil...

Reason For WWE Network’s Lack Of Classic Footage, Virgil A WWE...

- One notable complaint from WWE Network subscribers is the lack of old footage being rolled out. According to, one major reason that...

Kaitlyn Shows Off Her New Look (Photo)

Plus - details on a nWo reunion this weekend in Texas

Former WWE Star Virgil Selling His Memorabilia In NYC Subway Stations

Poor Virgil .. The former WWE superstar spotted in New York City subway stations selling merchandise for $5

Randy Orton Pulled From WWE Shows, Virgil Week At Kmart

The Viper is pulled from Raw and SmackDown.. Plus - former WWE Superstar Virgil is spending a week at Kmart

Raw Wrestler Loses Roster Spot, Original Plans For Brodus Clay

A Raw Superstar loses his spot on the roster.. Plus - find out WWE's original plans for Brodus Clay

Orton Says His Injury Isn’t Serious, Virgil To Be Written Out

Randy Orton doesn't expect his shoulder injury to keep him out of action for long.. Plus - Virgil was scheduled to be removed from Ted DiBiase this week

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