Jim Cornette Fired From TNA After Fight With Vince Russo


According to a report on The Sun website, Jim Cornette‘s contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling was terminated after throwing one temper tantrum too many. Reportedly, he caused a major scene at the most recent Impact television taping during an argument with head writer Vince Russo.

Cornette directed his anger toward the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion during a production meeting calling for more focus on Eric Young on television.

“Everyone was in a production meeting with Russo running down the show, but Cornette went nuts screaming ‘why are we pushing Eric Young?’,” according to The Sun’s source. “Russo reacted calmly and said it wasn’t a big deal, but Cornette wouldn’t let it go and kept screaming about it, really causing a scene. He just wouldn’t stop. Even after the meeting broke, Cornette was walking around complaining to everyone who would listen.”

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A few concerned co-workers went to management to voice their displeasure over their belief that Cornette had been acting unprofessionally. Apparently, this was “his latest refusal to be a pro,” so the organization decided to release him from his contract.

Similarly, Cornette was released by World Wrestling Entertainment in July 2005 after slapping current WWE star Santino Marella for breaking character and laughing at The Boogeyman during a live Ohio Valley Wrestling show.

“This wasn’t politics or anything to do with Jeff. It was purely a decision prompted by the same behaviour that got Jim fired in WWE,” the source said.