Hogan MSG Press Conference, New Linda Campaign Video


— WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan will be hosting a press conference on Tuesday (10/27) in New York City to promote his new book, “My Life Outside the Ring” that is being released the same day. According to a press release, Hogan will “field questions from wrestling fans about his book, his recent personal struggles, his storied career, and the next chapter of his life.”  The press conference is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. next Tuesday in the Mall Area outside of Madison Square Garden at 32nd St & 7th Ave.

You can buy Hulk Hogan’s new book “My Life Outside the Ring” at Amazon.com

Linda McMahon has posted a new video to her campaign website discussing WWE – that the McMahons were the first to admit pro wrestling was scripted entertainment and once again trying to hype up that WWE programming is now TV-PG. The video was posted in response to political opponents trying to draw attention to the more “adult-themed” (translation: classless) storylines in WWE history, including Triple H humping Katie Vick’s corpse and Triple H marrying a drugged Stephanie McMahon. This video, which is the first time during the campaign that Linda has linked herself to WWE, can be viewed at Linda2010.com.

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