Kofi Kingston Reveals Why He Dropped The Fake Accent


In a recent interview with SkySports, WWE Raw superstar Kofi Kingston explains why he’s dropped the Jamaican gimmick and is now billed from his real birthplace, Ghana, West Africa.

“I was actually born in Ghana, West Africa,” Kingston said. “As far as the whole Jamaican thing is actually concerned, growing up I actually loved everything about Jamaica. I loved the food, the culture, the laid-back attitude. When I came to the WWE initially I wanted to come out to something that attributed both my love for wrestling and the Jamaican heritage.

“I wanted to come out to something unique and something people had never seen before. But at a certain point it becomes about being real and true to yourself, as opposed to playing a character. You look at guys like Triple H. When he first started out he was Hunter Hearst Helmsley and before that he was Terra Ryzing – I don’t know if a lot of people know that.

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“Stone Cold Steve Austin was Stunning Steve Austin before he became Stone Cold. The Rock
was Rocky Maivia before he became The Rock. Shawn Michaels was a Rocker before he became the Heartbreak Kid. I think in wrestling and the WWE you see a trend of guys who make transitions. And I think for me I’m in that transition stage into coming into my own.”

To read the full interview, visit SkySports.com.