Jerry Lawler Says Jim Ross Could Return At WrestleMania


WWE announcer Jerry Lawler tells the UK Sun that even if Jim Ross is healthy and able to return to work in the coming months, WWE will probably hold off on bringing him back to the announcer’s table until WrestleMania 26 next year.

“There’s a strong possibility that WrestleMania could be when he makes a return,” Lawler said. “Even if it’s a situation where he could return a little bit before that, it might be best to just wait and let him come back at Mania — as the comeback of JR would be a big draw.”

Lawler repeated what JR said in a recent blog, that it will two or three months to become “facially ready” for TV again. Lawler says Ross’s voice sounds fine over the phone and someone on the other end wouldn’t know he’s only able to talk out of one side of his mouth.

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“I texted him last night, and spoke with him this past week, and he’s doing better but says it will probably be a few months before he’s facially ready to be back on television,” Lawler said. “But when you talk to him, when you just hear his voice, you can’t tell. He doesn’t have slurred speech any more.”