RVD Talks About Going To TNA – Hogan & Bischoff A Factor?


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Since leaving World Wrestling Entertainment two years ago, rumors have continued to swirl that Rob could be moving over to TNA…and those rumors kicked into high gear after he attended last month’s Bound For Glory PPV in California (as a guest of Booker T) and met both Dixie Carter and Vince Russo. Now that Hulk Hogan has officially signed with TNA, how appealing is TNA to RVD? The question on the hearts and minds of fans across the globe was answered exclusively on The Mayhem.

“With Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff now in TNA, it’s a very interesting time in the wrestling business…and in a very positive way,” Van Dam said. “I was at Bound For Glory saying hi to some friends. And part of that was, ‘Oh, hi, Dixie, nice to meet you.’ We have talked on the phone…Same thing with Vince Russo. Now that Hogan and Bischoff are there, it’s definitely putting a lot of energy on TNA, a lot of focus and eyes. Now if they can follow up with that, they could really, really grow.” He went to add, “It’s more appealing because they raised the stakes.”

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Many people in the wrestling industry are indeed skeptical about TNA’s acquisition of “The Hulkster,” with such superstars as The Honky Tonk Man saying Hogan joining the company very will could be “the end of TNA.” Others have speculated that some of Hogan’s long-time friends and colleagues (such as Brutus Beefacke and The Nasty Boys) could have jobs again in the business with Hogan in charge. RVD knows Hogan well (especially after having the opportunity to be a special guest trainer on last fall’s “Hulk Hogan‘s Celebrity Championship Wrestling”), and was asked what can Hogan bring to the table at this time to TNA.

Hulk Hogan brings credibility and name recognition,” he said. A lot of people that don’t watch wrestling and many haven’t watched wrestling in five or ten years, they all know who Hulk Hogan is. He is a great representative of what wrestling can be. Should he have the book? I don’t know. Just because you have one talent in the business, doesn’t mean you have something else. I can’t imagine myself having the book and being in charge. If they do allow Knobbs and Beefcake and those guys to come in, we can all say TNA wasn’t that smart.”

Rob was asked if the industry can get back to when there was five-star matches all the time and if there can be a rebirth of sorts:

“I would hope so, but I would understand if it went the other way too, because I had enough so I would understand when other people have had enough. I don’t watch wrestling in fact I haven’t watched it since 2001, so when I was in the WWE, I would record the show and fast-forward through it to my to critique it. It became about business to me, and I didn’t want to watch other people work. I see what they are doing, and I’m not impressed with a lot of what I see on TV. I see people going through movements, but they have no sense of art and pro wrestling is an art.”

He continued by adding: “Can we get the wrestling business fun with Hulk Hogan in TNA? I don’t know but here’s one thing, part of why it’s not interesting to watch anymore is because it’s so routine and mundane. Every match from the beginning to the end, have to be ‘superstar vs. superstar.’ They have to be treated like main events, they all have to go six or seven minutes, they have to back and forth all the time, and someone catches a fall. What happened to the jobber matches? Big John Studd would have a squash match with two or three guys, and then when he faced like Hulk Hogan, it meant something. But now every match, we have to see the babyface cry and sell, and the heel do his stuff, and the babyface make his big comeback. Every match? I don’t enjoy that.”

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