Randy Orton Accused Of Assaulting 15-Year Old Fan


A 15-year-old male is accusing WWE superstar Randy Orton of assault for allegedly spitting gum in his face and swearing at him outside the Kowloon Restaurant in Boston, Mass. after asking the WWE Superstar to pose with him for a photo last Friday night.

After Orton allegedly spit gum in the 15-year-old’s face and called him a “derogatory name,” the juvenile’s mother confronted him, who allegedly told her, “so sue me” when she voiced her protest.

A report was filed with local police, who say a hearing has been requested for Orton to face charges of simple assault and battery. A clerk magistrate will determine if the incident warrants a criminal complaint.

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While the article states that the incident took place yesterday, it should be noted that WWE was actually in the Boston area last Friday for a live Raw event.

Kowloon is a frequent stop for wrestlers and other athletes who perform in the Boston area.

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