RVD Says WWE Is Paranoid He Will Go To TNA


Rob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam mentioned in his latest blog post at RobVanDam.com that WWE is paranoid he’ll wind up working for the competition:

“The constant rumors that I am or have signed with one of the wrestling companies seems to be getting stronger still. Last week, WWE locked me out of my profile page at WWE Universe because they believed I had signed with TNA!”

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Van Dam is arguably the hottest free agent in the industry and would surely make some waves if he showed up in TNA. It also shouldn’t be ruled out that Van Dam makes a surprise appearance at Sunday’s Royal Rumble, as we saw last year.

Just last week on the “Busted Open” Sirius satellite radio show, Van Dam said, he’d be open to working for WWE again, but only if the conditions were right. He said, “I can tell you for sure that I have no interest in returning to a full-time schedule like I did before. That’s not going to happen.”

Van Dam continues to wrestle for various independent promotions across the world and could return to the national wrestling scene at any time. With TNA bringing in so much new talent and a work schedule that is far less demanding than WWE, it could be an attractive option for RVD.