WWE NXT Results – What Did You Think?


What did you think of the debut episode of WWE NXT?

Does the show have enough potential to be successful?

Was it as groundbreaking and original as WWE has been hyping?

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Did WWE do a good enough job of building & protecting the young rookies?

What did you think of the interaction between the Pros and Rookies?

Comment below and tell us what you thought of the debut episode of WWE NXT.

WWE NXT Results for Wednesday 24th February
Report by Chris Kelly of Sunday Night Showdown/Wrestling News Live

The debut show starts with a video package highlighting who is tutoring before we see all the rookies lined up. The Miz walks on screen and pulls Daniel Bryan out of the line. He puts over Bryan as an internet darling for “Internet bloggers” before sending him to the ring.

Michael Cole and Josh Mathews are announcers with Matt Striker doing the backstage interviews. Daniel Bryan puts over the fact he would prefer to have William Regal as his pro but you have to deal what your given with. Miz heads to the ring and cuts off Bryan and runs him down before Daniels says he wanted to win a reality tv series and win a WWE contract.. Wait that’s already been done.

Miz tells Bryan to come up with a catchphrase and does “You tap or you snap”. Miz slaps Bryan before leaving the ring, Bryan tells Miz one day he will slap him back

– Commercial

During the break, Matt Striker interviewed Daniel Bryans who says he will slap Miz harder then Miz slapped him. Bryans says hes been in wrestling for twice as long ad Miz to which Striker says Bryans hasn’t been in WWE for a second!. Daniel Bryans will face Chris Jericho tonight

We see a video packages on both Heath Slater and Michal Tarver before the match.

Christian & Heath Slater vs. Carlito & Michael Tarver

Slater and Carlito lock up with Slater going for a quick pin which angers Carlito who kicks out and tags in Tarver. Tarver drop toe holds Slater who has the upper hand before tagging in Carlito once again. Carlito neck breakers Slater gets a 2 count and tags Tarver back in and Tarver locks in a chin locks before power slamming his opponent. This allows both men to tag in their partners.

Christian attempts The Kill Switch twice which Carlito blocks and tags in Tarver. Carlito and Tarver double team Christian before Slater pulls Carlito allowing Christian to hit the kill switch on Tarver for the win.

Winners: Christian & Heath Slater

– Commercial

We see a promo of CM Punk complaining about being on WWE NXT before seeing video of David Otunga and Darren Young

David Otunga vs. Darren Young

They lock up with Young going for a pin which seems to anger Otunga who Spine Busters Young for the win.

Winner: David Otunga

*- Commercial

Chris Jericho gives Wade Barrett the Mic to introduce him.

– Commercial

Chris Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan Danielson

We are back, Bryan puts out his hand to shake it ala Ring of Honour Code which Jericho slaps away. Bryan gets angry and drop kicks Jericho before rushing into Jericho who moves and drop kicks Bryan. Jericho gets the upper hand with a drop kick and keeps control by kicking Bryan in the back of the head.

Wait mid match, Striker is interviewing Barrett as Jericho runs shoulder first into the post which allows Bryan to get the upper hand which results in Bryan attending a suicide dive and he hit’s the announce table! Back in the ring, Bryan locks in a ankles lock and it looks like Jericho might tap before getting to the ropes so it has to be broken.

Jericho hit’s the Code Breaker and locks in the Lion Tamer for the win

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, The Miz beats down on Bryan