Locker Room Reaction To RVD Joining TNA Not Entirely Positive


After months of intense negotiations, Rob Van Dam finally agreed to terms with TNA last week. Hulk Hogan of all people spoiled the surprise by noting last Thursday during a radio interview that a major star had signed on with the organization and then doing RVD’s trademark pointing routine, apparently forgetting he was being filmed.

Though terms of Van Dam’s contract have not been disclosed, he has made it clear he’s not interested in working a full-time schedule. There is said to much grumbling among longtime wrestlers as they perceive established stars such as Van Dam being paid big bucks without working house show dates. Furthermore, more than one wrestler noted that RVD took an unnecessary shot during a recent interview when he said he couldn’t understand why people want to see him go from beating superstars such as Steve Austin and The Rock in WWE to wrestling the likes of Christopher Daniels in TNA.

“When people say I’m a legend, I’m comfortable with that. If I’m a legend to you, I get that. You’ve seen me beat the best, you’ve seen me hang in there with the best. Now if I go hang in there with these young guys that really aren’t eve proven, I’m not sure you’re going to get that same perspective and the same satisfaction out of RVD that you thought you would,” Van Dam said during an appearance on the Busted Open radio show in January.

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“You’ve seen Rob Van Dam beat Big Show, The Rock, Steve Austin, and now you want to see me go over Christopher Daniels and that’s really what you want to see? That’s confusing to me.”