Sean Waltman Rants About Old School RAW, Wellness & More


Former WWE and TNA star Sean “X-Pac” Waltman went on Twitter this week and ranted about a number of topics, including why he wasn’t contacted to appear at “Old School” RAW, WWE‘s Wellness policy, his release from TNA and more.

Here are some highlights of what Waltman wrote on

Not Being Contacted To Appear On “Old School” RAW:

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“I dont know why I wasnt at Old School Raw. Maybe everyone should call them and ask them. (203) 352 8600. they are going to kill me for that. Dont tell them I told you to call though:) Not that they wont find out anyway, with all the wwe undercover operatives scanning twitterverse. Maybe I just slipped their mind. If u listen to their version of history, i barely existed.”

Waltman has been outspoken about WWE‘s PG product and suspects that his comments may have put him on bad terms with the company. He tweeted:

“F— em if they cant take a joke. 4 f— sakes, the election is over. Enough with the PG bulls— Vince. I love you Boss, but come on.”

“Trust me, Im not trying to get a job. Im doing fine & having fun. I just like to play harmless ribs. Someone’s gonna be pissed though. lol!”

WWE‘s Wellness Policy & Whether He’d Quit Weed To Get A Job With WWE:

“No. I wouldnt. Thats my own choice & even Vince doesnt want to stop the boys from smoking weed. Its a bs policy.”

“As long as there testing for marijuana, which is totally retarded, I will not pass their drug test. They will drop the pot thing. watch”

“Drop the marijuana policy. The IOC doesnt even ban it, except during competition. F— it, While your at it, lay off the steroid policy too. People want to see guys with great bodies & the boys want to take it.”

“Now the ban on somas & the whole wellness policy in general is great. That would give WWE an idea if anyone’s health is affected.”

His Release From TNA:

“Everyone ask Dixie Carter why TNA chose to announce I no showed Lockdown when they knew my situation over 1 wk prior.”

“Also ask Dixie Carter why she told me we would get through this together & then I received a an e mail saying weve got nothing for you.”And even though they could really use me. Im not looking for a job there either. TNA that is. Dixie Carter is a good woman however.”

“TNA did not f— me at all. Just shoot strait with me. Too many people there who feel threatened by me, behind the scenes.”

“But I was part of the reason Konnan won his lawsuit vs TNA for racial descrimination. Im surprised they brought me back anyway. Some people in TNA were wrong & they were guilty. I witnessed it & had the balls not to remain silent. I get the reason they dont want me..”