Vince Still Wants Lesnar, HBK Teasing Announcements & More


– As we saw on Monday’s King of the Ring episode of RAW, footage was shown of former WWE star Brock Lesnar. Lesnar’s name was also mentioned several times throughout the broadcast. According to, some people within WWE believe Lesnar being mentioned on RAW was a way of getting people talking about the possibility of Lesnar participating in some capacity at WrestleMania. While most have acknowledged that the chances of Lesnar being able to wrestle are virtually impossible due to his UFC contract, Vince McMahon remains optimistic and thinks he can still pull it off.

– Jerry Lawler, The Miz and Michael Cole were all trending topics (worldwide) on Twitter last night during RAW.

– Former WWE star Shawn Michaels continues to hype some “special announcements” he’s going to make on Twitter. HBK wrote this week:

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“Hope 2 have a few “special” announcements coming in the very near future. We’ll see:-)”