Update: Shawn Michaels Responds To Shane Helms’ Attack


After calling Shawn Michaels one of the biggest drug abusers and hypocrites in the history of pro wrestling and a “cock-eyed cross-eyed piece of sh**”, former WWE star Shane Helms is back with some more words for the Heartbreak Kid.

Helms wrote on Twitter this week:

“I wonder if I backstab a  bunch of people and hurt careers & families and slaughter animals for fun but then pray on stage, that make it ok? Just wondering? :-) But  enough about that hypocrite, I’m home after a great but hard working  tour and got to catch up on my DVR’s.”

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Shawn Michaels has issued his first comments regarding Helms’ verbal attack, responded to his fans on Twitter who asked if he’s heard what Helms said about him. Michaels wrote:

“From u all I hav. Verbal attack? Wow pretty  scary. Thoughts? Sticks & stones I guess? :-)”