WWE Planning For WrestleMania: Matches, Celebrities & More


With WrestleMania 27 just four months away, WWE is already working on ideas of how to make this year’s show a success. According to a source within WWE,Vince McMahon is very determined to prove that WWE is still a powerhouse player in the pay-per-view industry due to the recent success of the UFC. The source told us:

“Vince is very focused on breaking a million buys globally for ‘Mania. He’s probably more focused than he’s been in several years.”

The company wants fresh match-ups and we’ve heard of a few big matches discussed for the show. While things could certainly change between now and April, here are some matches that have been discussed:

  • WWE Champion The Miz vs. Randy Orton
  • John Cena vs. CM Punk
  • World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. Christian
  • Money In The Bank Ladder Match
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Triple H is expected to return to action soon and will certainly be in the mix for WrestleMania.

The Undertaker had shoulder surgery on his rotator cuff back in November and is currently “hit or miss” for Wrestleania. In the event that the Dead Man is not 100%, there’s talk that he could compete in a tag team match to keep his streak going.

Vince and WWE‘s creative team have been brainstorming as of late trying to come up with a big mainstream celebrity that could be part of the company’s biggest show of the year. Talk of Brock Lesnar working WrestleMania has died down since UFC President Dana White made it very clear that Lesnar is under UFC contract and would be prohibited from doing anything physical for WWE. One name that WWE was interested in is NBA basketball superstar LeBron James.

James is a WWE fan, hosted Monday Night RAW earlier this year and has been mentioned by The Miz in several recent media interviews. Unfortunately for WWE, LeBron James’ Miami Heat team has a game in New Jersey that night, which basically puts any hopes of a WrestleMania appearance to bed. WWE is said to have a few other sports stars in mind, but most of them are long shots.