JR Blog: HBK In The HOF, Lesnar Hosting TUF, Scouting At FCW


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR said about:

HBK In The WWE Hall of Fame: “I agree w/ a recent Kevin Nash Tweet that if WWE had a physical Hall of Fame that Shawn Michaels should have a statue erected in his honor. Was anyone in the modern age of wrestling ever a better all around performer? Only Ric Flair is likely in the same zip code considering years of service at the top of the card. As great a fan favorite as HBK was, I think his best work was as a villain.”

Scouting Talent At FCW This Week: “Good to visit w/ Arn Anderson Wednesday in Tampa @ FCW. I hope the trainees learned some useful info¬†as both Double A and I enjoy interacting w/ the rookies. Thursday night FCW will tape three, one hour TV shows .. The rookies are evaluated daily which is why it’s imperative that they come to work each day and give 100% of themselves mentally and physically. I’ve encouraged them all to read plenty of wrestling books and self help/financial books. Financial planning is so important for individuals who potentially have shorter ‘shelf lives’ than those in other vocations.”

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Brock Lesnar‘s Next Fight & Hosting TUF: “Really surprised to read of the great ‘get’ of Brock Lesnar and his next opponent Junior Dos Santos as the next coaches for the UFC’s TUF series. This will not only build to a mega fight w/ the two heavyweights but will also afford Brock the opportunity to promote his upcoming biography and his clothing line.”

“Some ask what motivated Lesnar to commit to several weeks of taping the program away from Minnesota and living in Las Vegas for approximately 6 weeks. The answer is marketing opportunities, building a PPV, and helping the company that the former WWE Champion works for to continue to build their brand. Bottom line….it’s a win/win for all involved. Again, a great ‘get’ for Dana White and company. But I’m still surprised.”