Nash Puts Over McMahon Big, Says He’ll Retire As Diesel


Following his surprise return to WWE at Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, we reported earlier this week that Kevin Nash has signed a new “Legends” contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

The former WWE and WCW champion went on Twitter on Tuesday night and explained the reason he’s decided to finish his career off in WWE – as Diesel. He also had some major praise for WWE chairman Vince McMahon, saying Vince is the man who was instrumental in making him the household name that he is today. Nash wrote:

“To explain why I want to retire as Diesel: Vince McMahon was the 1st person to ever see anything in me and believe in me. He gave me my 1st push and made me a star. Without Vince there is no Diesel. Without Diesel Kevin Nash is a mediocre basketball player from the University of Tennessee.”

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Nash acknowledged the staggering crowd reaction he received at Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, saying that it was bigger than any pop he’s received in a long, long time.

“The biggest pop I’ve received since ’97 happened Sunday night. Diesel’s back, where he belongs. Circle of Life.”