Edge: You Can Only Be A Top Star In Wrestling By Being Close With Vince McMahon


WWE Hall Of Famer Edge recently did an interview with Sports Illustrated to promote his appearance on The History Channel’s “Vikings” series. During the interview Edge discussed his relationship with “The Chairman Of The Board” Vince McMahon. “The Rated-R Superstar” discussed McMahon’s work ethic, if he still keeps in contact with him today, and claiming that you can only be a top performer in WWE by being close with Vince McMahon. Here are the highlights:

Vince McMahon‘s work ethic:

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“There are not many with Vince’s work ethic, and I think what that does is breeds it in a lot of his performers, especially the ones that make it to the top,” he explained. “If it isn’t already in you, it will be taught to you by Vince, whose go-to was usually to push, not praise, but that was OK with me.”

If he still keeps in contact with Vince:

“I’ll still call or text Vince, and it’s not about bad things or complaints or gripes. When I got dual-citizenship, I called him thanked him for the opportunities he afforded me in his company. I don’t know how often he hears that.”

You can only be a top star in WWE by being close to Vince:

“That’s not politicking, that’s getting to know each other and allowing him to know what type of person he is going to invest this massive machine in. How can he do that unless he has some sense of who you are as a person, and not just as a performer?

“It happened organically with us. When I had points I felt very strongly on, I went to him. In doing it, he began to see that I would stand up for what I believed strongly in, and that I would admit when I was wrong. I didn’t look for a pat on the back when I was right, either. He also knew how much I cared for that industry.”

You can check out Edge‘s interview with Sports Illustrated by clicking here.