Other Superstars Should Strive To Be More Like Jinder Mahal: Kane


Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has received almost constant criticism from the fans of the WWE Universe.  Many have dubbed his reign as The Jinder Experiment and claimed that it has failed.  It’s hard to disagree when SmackDown Live ratings increase the night Mahal lost the title to AJ Styles.

However Kane has recently shared his opinion on The Modern Day Maharaja as they build up for a tour in India.  Talking to The Times of India, Kane suggested that the WWE Universe should reflect on what Jinder Mahal was before he was cast as The Modern Day Maharaja.

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“His is a great story. He was in the WWE years ago, then left company. And then really improved both in his wrestling and his body and came back and became a world champion. I think a guy like Jinder Mahal is really what every WWE superstar should strive to become”

Here’s an example of Jinder Mahal in action back in August 2013.

And here is Jinder Mahal taking on AJ Styles in May 2017.

It’s clear that Mahal has significantly improved since returning, which Kane highlights as a positive, suggesting that other WWE superstars should learn from.  It’s hard to deny the hard work that Jinder has put in, and I am not suggesting that other superstars in WWE aren’t putting in hard work, but Kane could be seen as suggesting that others are under-performing in their own development.

Kane goes on to praise the tour in India and those that are joining the tour of India:

“The India tour is going to be a great event. All big superstars are going be there Triple H, Jinder Mahal, The Shield, Samoa Joe, Cesaro and Sheamus and the match with Strowman, it is going to be a big match; two big guys doing their best to prove who is the dominant big man in the WWE

Therefore Kane’s suggestion that WWE superstars should strive to be like Jinder Mahal is likely aimed at those struggling in the mid-card.  But the next question would be: who would WWE be keen to push like they did with Mahal?  Perhaps the next Superstar Shake-Up could reveal some clues.

The full article with Kane can be found here on Time of India.