Triple H Comments On A Possible Match With Kurt Angle


Triple H recently held a media conference call, promoting this Saturday’s NXT Takeover: War Games event. During the call, the Game talked about Kurt Angle and revealed his thoughts on a match with the Raw GM among other things. Below are some of the highlights of it:

Kurt Angle’s in-ring return at TLC:

“I think it’s awesome that Kurt’s back in the ring. When Kurt first came back to the company we said let’s take it one step at a time and see where things go. It’s funny that we had just started the process of taking Kurt through the medical and making sure he was healthy and all those things, Coincidentally, it ended up being completely a coincidence that Kurt and I had a conversation that started that process and then all of a sudden there was this opportunity and a need, and his results had just come in, so it just was a great coincidence in some ways.”

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On being happy for Angle:

“I’m excited to see it, I’m happy for Kurt, To see where he’s at in his life, and see the turnaround that he’s had, and for him to come back home and get the response he has and have moments like he’s having right now, it’s awesome.”

On a possible match with the Olympic Gold Medallist:

“Would I love to get in the ring with Kurt and do something with Kurt? Absolutely, If it’s right, if it’s right for everybody, if he continues to want to stay in the ring, if I do [too], if it’s right for everybody, absolutely. Kurt’s one of the best ever. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anybody pick it up as fast and become so good so fast, as Kurt.”

It’s worth mentioning here that during the same conference call, Triple H also revealed that the cage for the War Games match will not have a roof. You can check out his comments about the upcoming match here.

Quotes via WrestlingInc