UpUpDownDown UFC 2 Championship Title Match


As always, Austin Creed has been working on his YouTube channel: UpUpDownDown.  The past week has seen 2 major features uploaded for videogame fans to enjoy.  The first is Round 2 of the Madden 18 tournament which sees RAW’s Jason Jordan take on TJ Perkins.

Jordan previously shocked the tournament in one of the most intense, yet hilarious matches as he beat 3 time champion: Seth Rollins.

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TJP destroyed the inexperienced Luke Gallows in his last match-up, and demonstrated solid potential as he takes on Jason Jordan: The Champion Slayer.  Check out the game below:

However, the most entertaining video of the week on UpUpDownDown featured Austin Creed himself, and Jimmy Uso in a UFC 2 Championship Title match.  Although there is no current tournament, Creed has used a similar system to any other championship title in UFC or WWE by hosting championship matches with worthy opponents at any time.

Not only was it an excellent display of skill and talent, there were multiple cameos and moments outside the game which make this a must see.  Check out the title match below, as well as a list of highlights.

5 Highlights From Austin Creed vs Jimmy Uso:

  1. This is taking place in a University Volley Ball Court – WHAT!?  That’s dedication.
  2. Kevin Owens makes an appearance, wearing his Face of America brand t-shirt; he then partially remains in character as he removes the American flag background and stands in it’s place.  Everyone else just accepts this and says “Oh, yeah, it’s his thing”.
  3. They’re told to be quiet, and have to continue the game while trying to whisper – which doesn’t go well as Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Jey Uso are there to provide support and commentary.
  4. Sami Zayn appears, topless, and impress Big E with his New Day like dance moves.  If you watch anything from this video, skip to 6:49 just for this!
  5. The in-game fight is ridiculously entertaining and close (without giving spoilers away).