WrestleMania 33 Delivers Massive Revenue For Orlando Economy


WrestleMania 33 this past April from Orlando added $181.5 million to the Central Florida economy. The Orlando Sentinel has published findings from an independent study released today by WWE and the office of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

“The number actually exceeded our expectations,” Dyer said. “We went in expecting $130 to 150 million based on prior years. But $181 million is huge for our community and it really shows that WrestleMania has been one of our significant events in Central Florida.”

79% of fans who attended the week-long festivities came from outside Central Florida. Fans from all 50 states were on hand, as well as people from 62 countries across the world.

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One of the most noteworthy stats from the report was that visitors from outside of the Central Orlando area averaged 5.6 nights at local hotels.

John Saboor, WWE’s Executive Vice President of Special Events (and former President of the Central Florida Sports Commission), said,  “The length of stay is disproportionately larger than our other major event contemporaries and that was one of the most dramatic increases in the study.”

Out of town fans spending so much time in the WrestleMania host city and contributing such a large amount of money to the local economy will bolster WWE‘s negotiating leverage when fielding bids from future prospective host cities.

WrestleMania 24 from Orlando back in 2008 brought $50 million to the local economy, but that included only WrestleMania, RAW and a smaller fan festival.

For more WrestleMania 33 data, visit WWE.com.