5 Names For The 2018 Hall Of Fame Potentially Leaked?


With Wrestlemania season fast approaching WWE will be looking to finalise their inductees into the Hall of Fame in April 2018.

It looks as though 5 names have already been leaked for the 2018 ceremony, blogger Brad Sheppard (who is well regarded and broke the potential XFL revival story) has revealed that the following names will be confirmed for a New Orleans induction:

  • Goldberg – The biggest home grown talent in WCW will finally be making his way to the WWE Hall of Fame following his short Universal Title run earlier this year
  • Bam Bam Bigelow – Long overdue an induction, Bam Bam will be the posthumous inductee for 2018
  • Ivory – One of the most underrated talents from WWE’s Attitude Era Ivory will be making her way to the Hall in 2018
  • Dudley Boyz – Arguably the most decorated tag team in professional wrestling history, the Dudleys will finally be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018
  • Kid Rock – There’s always a celebrity

Are you happy with the potential class of 2018? Who would you like to see inducted?

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