Tyler Breeze Gets Into A Deep Twitter War With A Fan


NXT star Velveteen Dream has been a hot topic of discussion as of late, and he has been drawing a lot of comparisons to SmackDown Live star Tyler Breeze. Breeze was a hot singles competitor coming into the main roster from NXT in late 2015, however, that hasn’t translated over after his call-up. He has seen great success with his tag team “Fashion Files” gimmick alongside Fandango. Fans are worried that if Velveteen Dream is called up to the main roster he’d “just be another Tyler Breeze.”

Breeze has seen these criticisms on social media, and responded to one fan in particular about them. This led to a huge back-and-forth between Breeze and the fan as they discussed the current state of the WWE. Both sides brought up some very good points. Check it out:

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