Baron Corbin Admits He Relishes In Being Hated By WWE Fans


Baron Corbin likes the hatered

Baron Corbin recently spoke with to promote Monday’s episode of WWE RAW where he wrestled Cedric Alexander in a King of the Ring quarterfinal match. 

During the interview, Corbin talked about how he is one of the most hated men in WWE by fans. Obviously, he’s a heel on television but there seems to be more of a go away heat from fans towards Corbin. 

Thus, when asked how he manages to stay upbeat while taking the heat, he noted that he takes pride in getting heat. 

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“How can I not be excited and have an energy about that fact right there? I even said it on TV the other night – there was a poll, and this was a real thing, that the WWE Universe wanted anybody, and I mean absolutely anybody, to win King of the Ring but me.”

Corbin would continue by noting that he gets entertained to watch how angry and frustrated fans get. He would bring up how a six-year-old kid and then like an 85-year-old woman giving him the finger and that he thinks it’s funny.

The reason he finds it amusing is due to how ramped up that they’re so caught up in it.

Corbin understands that he did his job as fans believe every bit of it and finds it funny that when you get them that pulled in that they lose it.

The finals of the King of the Ring tournament takes place at the Clash of Champions PPV event.