Baron Corbin Pokes Fun At AEW Fans Again


Baron Corbin has been vocal about standing up for WWE and has said before that he will always defend the company against haters. He also seems to can’t keep to himself when it comes to poking fun at supporters of AEW.

Recently, Corbin commented on an Instagram post about fans who overanalyze every little thing done by AEW such as the stickers on the company’s trucks, promos done on Being The Elite, its UK TV deal issues, etc.

Corbin commented on the post taking a shot at AEW and its fans. According to Corbin, AEW is for people who nitpick and complain about everything. He wrote, “The ones who criticize every detail are literally their target audience haha.”

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This is nothing new for Corbin, as he has taken shots at AEW fans before too. Corbin had much to say on an Instagram post criticizing fans who complain about WWE putting their titles on older stars but supporting AEW who themselves have Chris Jericho, 48 as the current AEW World Champion.

Corbin chimed in with his opinion, and commented, “All of these smarks have hated everything we do and complained about every detail that now they are forced to love everything these guys do even when it shows dumb they really are.” Corbin didn’t really hold back and called out what he sees as the hypocrisy of the WWE naysayers.

Corbin has said before that he will always support the WWE. “I’ll always stand up for WWE,” Corbin said in an interview. “We have the best superstars in the world, and we have the best people helping. We have Triple H, Michael Hayes, Fit Finlay, and Vince McMahon. We’re the best in the world, and I’m willing to stand up for that. I hold what we do to anyone in the world, no matter if it’s another wrestling company or the MLB or the NFL.”

Corbin’s most recent accomplishment in the ring has been his win at the King of the Ring tournament where he defeated Chad Gable in the finals.