Baron Corbin Says Spite Motivated Him To Win King of the Ring


Baron Corbin says spite is what motivated him to win King of the Ring.

Some WWE Superstars are motivated by money, others prestige, but not Baron Corbin, he’s motivated by spite. Corbin spoke to following his King of the Ring tournament finals victory last night on RAW and said that spite is what drove him to do it.

“Look, I’m at the top of my game. This King of the Ring tournament was full of competitors who wanted to be King, and well, you are looking at the King,” Corbin said during the interview.

“This crown is just another notch in my belt, it’s another trophy on my shelf, because I won this out of spite,” he continued. “There were people all around the world whining and crying, ‘Anybody but Baron Corbin, please anybody but Baron Corbin.’ What do I do? I go out and win, out of spite.”

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The full interview with Corbin can be viewed in the player below:

“No one can stop me when I’m at the top of my game, and that’s exactly where I am,” he continued. “And we’re here at the University of Tennessee. Did you see those people out there? These people are not worth a celebration of a king. Plus I noticed a few smudges on my crown.”

Corbin’s King of the Ring coronation will take place tonight on Smackdown.