Big Cass & Joey Janela Altercation At Indy Show, Police Involved


Police were involved in an incident last night at a WrestlePro show in New Jersey.

Police were involved in a situation at a WrestlePro event last night in Rahway, New Jersey. According to various reports, Big Cass was involved in several confrontations backstage at the show. Here is what is currently available in regards to the situation:

Big Cass/Joe Janela/Pat Buck Incident

According to PW Insider, Big Cass was confronting people backstage over stolen items, one of which is believed to have been a sweater. Cass confronted Joey Janela about it as well, though what was said or what he did is unclear. This was causing a bit of a stir backstage.

Cass is then said to have confronted Pat Buck (possibly over the stolen items, it’s not clear) while Buck was putting together the main event match for the event. PW Insider’s report says Cass spit on Buck and then Buck punched him and took him down. The report does not mention who is providing the details or what their role in the incident was, however.

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Cass is then said to have been removed from the building by police at the promotion’s request. The police who removed Cass had already been at the venue and were asked if they could remove Cass, they had not been called to the venue specifically to deal with the situation.

It had been reported by at least one outlet that Cass had been arrested. This was later refuted by those who conctacted the local police department, however. Not only was Cass not arrested, the police didn’t feel it necessary to even fill out a report regarding the incident.

A photo of Cass sitting outside the venue speaking with police was posted online as well:

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