Joey Janela Reveals His Wrestling Gear Was Stolen


'The Bad Boy' Joey Janela has shared unfortunate footage showing that his car was broken into and his wrestling gear stolen.

All Elite Wrestling’s Joey Janela uploaded an unfortunate video during Wednesday afternoon. ‘The Bad Boy’ took to Twitter to share footage of damage to his car after somebody had broken into it. He revealed that his wrestling gear had been stolen while he was in Philadelphia.

The short clip shows the aftermath of the robbery, with broken glass all across the car seats. Cables can be seen strewn across the passenger seat as Janela deadpans “Good afternoon, Philadelphia.”

In the actual tweet, Janela wrote:

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“Good afternoon Philadelphia, Wrestling gear is bye, bye…. Bunkhouse Janela is BOLA…….”

He later added that, despite having $80 in cash in plain sight, the robbers decided to steal the “sweaty gross wrestling gear” instead. They also took his Beats Headphones.

“I’m dying that I had $80 in cash laying around in plain site but the robbers decided to take sweaty gross wrestling gear and a man purse full of foreign coins…..”

Trying to stay positive about the awful situation, Janela later tweeted that “If I don’t have any gear this weekend I still got these sick CHOPS BABY…”

Joey Janela recently competed for All Elite Wrestling’s All Out event. He participated in a three-way Cracker Barrel Clash matchup against Darby Allin and Jimmy Havoc.