Kevin Owens Clarifies Comments About Not Enjoying WWE Universal Title Run


Kevin Owens addresses his comments.

Kevin Owens recently did an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to talk about a wide range of pro-wrestling related topics. 

During the interview, he addressed his previous comments about his run as the WWE Universal Champion that ended in 2017 at the Fastlane pay-per-view event to Goldberg. 

Owens’ comments came during an appearance on Lilian Garcia’s podcast, Chasing Glory. This is where he noted that he thinks it sucks that he doesn’t remember enjoying the run. 

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Kevin Owens Admits He Didn’t Enjoy His Universal Championship Reign

In this interview with, Owens clarified his comments. 

“I think people misquoted me on that Universal champion thing,” said Owens. “I did enjoy the run and being the champion, I was just always worried about what would happen next. I wasn’t enjoying the moments enough, and now looking back, I wish I concentrated more on savoring the moment.”

Owens brought up how he’s still always worried about what’s next and how Jimmy Jacobs used to tell him that he has a gift and a curse of always wanting more. He noted that he’s learned to be better at enjoying the moment.

He recalled having a conversation with Shawn Michaels a while back that was a big help for him and opened his eyes. 

He credits getting the biggest help from his wife and kids while he was away. He thinks he carries everything with him but insists that he enjoys things a lot more.