Kevin Owens Explains Why He Changed His Finisher To The Stunner


Kevin Owens has explained why he replaced the Pop-Up Powerbomb with the Stunner as his finishing move.

Kevin Owens has been using his version of the Stunner in recent months to finish matches in explosive fashion. Before adopting the Stunner, he used to use a Pop-Up Powerbomb to great effect.

Speaking with, Owens has explained why he decided to introduce the Stunner into his arsenal as his new finishing move.

“I felt like everybody was doing powerbombs left and right, and I wanted to try something else,” Owens said. “And one day it occurred to me that no one does the Stunner as a finishing move, but to me, it’s always been the best move. So I just went to Steve [Austin] one day when he was here, and I asked him, and he said, ‘I can’t believe nobody’s asked me this before, but of course you can use it. Do whatever you want with it.’”

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Owens wanted to ensure that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was happy with him using the move that Austin made famous. For him, it was all about respect.

“I did that out of respect for the people who’ve come before me. I would never want to do that without his approval. He gave me the approval, and it’s working for me, so I have no intention of stopping and no intention of renaming it, either. It’s the Stunner, and it always will be the Stunner.”

Kevin Owens has been involved in a long-running feud with Shane McMahon. At the time of writing, he does not have a matchup set for WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view Clash of Champions.