Kevin Owens Explains Why He Wasn’t On Smackdown This Week


Kevin Owens explained his absence from Smackdown this week.

Kevin Owens wasn’t on this week’s Smackdown from Norfolk, Virginia. The former Universal Champion was recently fined (in storyline) by Shane McMahon $100,000 and has been lobbying for the fine to be withdrawn on the show as of late.

Owens joked on Twitter that he figured if he wasn’t on Smackdown then Shane wouldn’t be either. He then noted that ensuring his family was safe from Hurricane Dorian was the actual reason he missed the show, however.

Kevin Owens on Smackdown

2 weeks ago on Smackdown, Kevin Owens was eliminated from the King of the Ring tournament. He was defeated by Elias in the opening round of the tournament as Shane McMahon appointed himself as a referee and fast-counted Owens on a pin attempt by Elias.

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Last week on Smackdown, Owens got a measure of revenge on Elias but then opted not to go for the 24/7 title which Elias was in possession of at the time. He spoke to following the show about why he opted not to go for the 24/7 title.

“I have a family. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. I have responsibilities. I can’t worry about being rolled up by some dude while I’m dropping my kids off at school or enjoying a lovely night out with my wife. Congrats @WWEMaverick, though. Have fun with all of that,” Owens would later Tweet regarding the 24/7 title.