Kota Ibushi Details His NJPW Goals


The winner of this year's G1 Climax tournament, Kota Ibushi, has shared the goals he has set for himself in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Kota Ibushi has shared his long-term goals in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) now that he has won the G1 Climax tournament. He shared his ambitions in the second part of an interview with njpw1972.com.

He spoke about wanting to broaden pro wrestling, and how, as the G1 winner, it makes his “goal of broadening wrestling easier” as people will take his aspirations more seriously.

“[…] when you’re the G1 winner, then people look at you differently and listen to you more closely. If I’m the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, I can spread my vision of wrestling even further. And if I were to win the Heavyweight, then the Intercontinental in two back to back days, in the Tokyo Dome. That’s… legendary.” 

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Ibushi continued, explaining that “If I could accomplish that, then I could make wrestling bigger in an instant. Someone being able to achieve a feat like that, everybody would take notice, and from there, a good performance suddenly has all these people along for the ride. That’s my goal here.”

Looking to the future, Kota has two potential challengers for his Right to Challenge Contract: KENTA and EVIL. Both men defeated Ibushi during the G1 Climax 29 tournament, granting them the chance to take Ibushi’s Wrestle Kingdom opportunity away.