Potential Spoiler Information On Shane McMahon Versus Kevin Owens


It has been speculated that Kevin Owens will be victorious in his ladder match against Shane McMahon, forcing Shane to leave WWE.

It appears that WWE is following through in removing Shane McMahon from on-screen action. According to WrestlingNews.co, the current plan is to have Shane McMahon lose to Kevin Owens in their forthcoming ladder match. The two are scheduled to clash in a “loser leaves WWE” grudge match during SmackDown Live’s debut on FOX.

“I was told that the feud will end with Owens winning and McMahon no longer being involved as an authority figure,” WrestlingNews’ Paul Davis said. He explained the reasoning is because “[…] WWE is going to present a more sports-like product with more conclusive finishes and less interference from non-wrestling characters.”

There has been months-long speculation that Shane McMahon would be phased out of featuring on-screen. Kevin Owens’ promo highlighted the amount of time Shane took away from current SmackDown talent. His sentiments was said to have been based in reality. His use of bullet points in order to get his point across has been held in high regard. 

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Owens is one of the few Superstars given more free rein when it comes to his promo opportunities, though more have apparently been given greater freedom recently including Rey Mysterio, Bayley and ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks.

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon battle in their “loser leaves WWE” ladder match on October 4th. SmackDown’s FOX debuts also coincides with the blue brands 20th Anniversary.