RevPro Statement On Wrestlers Attacking A Referee During Show


Revolution Pro Wrestling has provided an official statement regarding an incident that saw two of their wrestlers attacking a referee during a recent show.

During Revolution Pro Westling’s (Rev Pro) show Summer Sizzler, an incident took place that saw some of their wrestlers legitimately attacking a referee. This altercation resulted in the referee sustaining injuries that have forced him to retire from officiating.

The referee, Aaren Wilde, administered a three-count during a matchup featuring Josh Bodom and Sha Samuels versus Aussie Open. Bodom did not kick out in time, leading to the match ending before it was meant to. The correct team, Aussie Open, still won.

Bodom and Samuels then attacked the referee. Samuels bodyslammed him, while his partner, Bodom, went on to pull him out of the ring and strike him on the outside.

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Taking to Twitter, Wilde detailed the incident, writing:

“Last weekend at RevPro I was attacked after the Royal Quest tag match. This was not part of the show, it was not planned. I was grabbed and slammed to the mat by Sha and then something happened on the outside. I honesty don’t know what, that part was a blur.”

He added that “As a result, I have sustained a much-more-serious-than-originally-thought neck and shoulder injury that means I am no longer able to referee. I hate the term ‘retire’, so I’ll say this; I am indefinitely unable to referee due to medical restrictions.”

Rev Pro Statement

Rev Pro has since issued a statement on the situation, severing ties with Josh Bodom and putting Sha Samuels on a “zero tolerance” policy. They have also offered Aaren Wilde work with the promotion in other areas of the business if he was interested.