Rob Van Dam Extends Contract With Impact Wrestling


Rob Van Dam has extended his contract with Impact Wrestling.

Rob Van Dam will be staying in Impact Wrestling for the next few months. RVD confirmed to Fightful recently that he has extended his contract with the promotion until January. He signed with Impact this spring and his contract was said to originally expire next month.

“I talked with IMPACT! about what I wanted to do, which is mostly stay home unless the business reaches a certain level to pique my interest,” RVD told Fightful. “And they came to that level. Everyone’s talking about AEW, and how they could be scaring WWE. I happen to know IMPACT! can afford RVD, so they’re something someone should be talking about too. It’s all business. I did a match, I think it was WrestleCon—Sabu and I had a tag match and first it was just a one off, and then Scott D’Amore in the office said, ‘Hey, what do you think about doing this other handful of matches?’ Took me to October, and then recently we added a few more matches so I’ll be with them ‘til January. Then we’ll see how it goes after that.”

Rob Van Dam Extends Deal With Impact Wrestling

RVD also spoke about his appearance on the RAW Reunion show for WWE this summer.

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“Yes and no,” he responded when asked if he was suprised by the situation. “Yes, the call was a surprise. And IMPACT! reacting the way that they did, in a favorable way, didn’t surprise me because when I talked to them about promoting my documentary Headstrong, they were happy to do it. And then ran a trailer on their show, on the weekly TV show, and they said ‘Hey, anything to help you, helps us.’ So I just assume that’s the way they would look at me being on the RAW Reunion as well.”

The full interview with RVD can be read here.