Shawn Michaels On What They Will Try To Improve In NXT


Shawn Michaels believes NXT has the best talent in the world

Apart from Triple H, Shawn Michaels has also contributed to NXT significantly and the WWE Hall Of Famer has worked closely with top stars like Adam Cole to bring out the best in them.

During a recent interview with Yahoo Sports, Michaels discussed a number of things and he also talked about what changes they would make to NXT once it moves to TV.

The former World Champion said that they would continue improving on the things which are innovative and they won’t be spending a lot of time into the foundational aspects:

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“We continue to try and improve on things that are innovative, things that will take NXT into the future. We don’t spend a lot of time on what has worked or the foundational aspects or values of the wrestling business as a whole.

Shawn went on to say that they try to put themselves into uncomfortable situations. He feels like it’s a good place to be in because it means they are stretching themselves.

Shawn Michaels also talked about the current NXT roster and claimed that the stars which are currently a part of the show can compete with anybody in the entire world.

He said that the wrestling business as a whole is in phenomenal time and they have felt for quite some time that they have the best talent in the world. You can check out his full interview at this link.