Shawn Spears Says He Was Pigeonholed In WWE


Shawn Spears reflects on his WWE run.

Muscle and Fitness has a good article on current AEW and former WWE star Shawn Spears. 

During the interview, he reflected on his run with WWE and getting to a better place in his career by signing with AEW. He started out by stating that he takes great pride in the ability to work with anybody whether that’s a brand-new talent or someone who has been in wrestling for years. 

He noted that he also takes pride in being able to cover the spectrum when it comes down to match preparation and execution.

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“But that can also pigeonhole you, and I was pigeonholed for quite a long time. On one hand, I was very reliable when they (WWE) needed something done. I was there and I got it done, but at the same time I couldn’t break through the glass ceiling that seemed to be placed over my head. Now, that has changed.”

Spears stated that he has taken his career into his own hands and given an opportunity to be in AEW. He noted that there is no more of saying that he was held back or blaming it on creative. 

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Instead, he wants everything to be left on his shoulders. He added that when he gets older he can look back and say that he did it his way on his terms.

It was announced back in late February by the WWE that they had granted his release from the company. 

This came after he put out a lengthy statement announcing that he had asked to be released from his contract.