Triple H Doesn’t Consider NXT A Developmental Brand


Triple H doesn't believe that NXT is a 'developmental brand,' instead considering it WWE's third brand alongside RAW and SmackDown.

Triple H has previously expressed his interest in levelling WWE’s brand hierarchy. This decision would allow Superstars to move freely between RAW, SmackDown, and even NXT. In an interview with Sportskeeda, he explained how he views NXT as WWE‘s third brand, and that it outgrew its ‘development brand’ label a long time ago.

Three Brands

He confessed that the ‘development brand’ term has bothered him in some ways since the brand launched. Admitting that “the term developmental in some ways works,” he listed several current Superstars who first made their name in NXT including Braun Strowman, Alexa Bliss, and Charlotte Flair as homegrown talent. He highlighted that Strowman, in particular, had “never stepped through the ropes before he walked into the performance center.”

“At the same time, the developmental term makes it sound almost less than, and the, I don’t even like the word ‘call up.’ It just sounds, it’s wrong. There’s three brands to me within the WWE,” Triple H stated.

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“There’s RAW, there’s SmackDown, and there’s NXT. There’s variations within NXT. There’s NXT, I feel like in a lot of ways the cruiserweights that are on 205 Live are a part of NXT. I feel like NXT UK is just an extension of the NXT brand. There’s here in their country doing their thing but I want to build this out and make it bigger but it’s brands. This doesn’t seem developmental, you know what I mean? Barclay’s Center, sold out. Chicago, sold out. LA. Every place we’ve gone, we’ve done it here in London. It’s just a different brand. There are three global touring brands. Legitimately. And that’s really what it is.”

He explained that, although the platforms are different, the steps of growth give Superstars the same opportunities.