Triple H Reveals Plans For 205 Live, Cruiserweights To NXT


Major changes are coming to WWE's cruiserweight division.

Triple H stated in a recent interview that major changes are coming to how WWE handles their cruiserweight division. Speaking to Newsweek, Triple H said the WWE cruiserweight title is likely going to play more of a role in NXT and the 205 Live roster will be moving more under the NXT brand. Triple H was asked if 205 Live will begin to sit under the NXT umbrella and his response was as follows:

“You’ll start to see 205 begin to. I think it always existed as an island onto itself, a little bit, and it’s become lost in this limbo,” Triple H said. “You’ll begin to see it move more towards the NXT banner and the talent there. We have a lot of talent. For them to begin to compete either open against anyone or in the cruiserweight division, but have that title sit under the NXT brand is more meaningful. It creates more opportunities for more people.”

Triple H also spoke on how the NXT UK and 205 Live brands will sit under the NXT umbrella with the brand moving to the USA Network.

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NXT UK will sit under that NXT banner as well, probably 205 too breathing some life into it a little bit. That creates three distinct brands that talent, over the course of their career – which hopefully is long – where they can migrate from one to the other and be reinvigorated and have fresh starts and have longer, more meaningful and lucrative careers while staying within the same company.”

Triple H Talks The Future of NXT, NXT UK, & 205 Live

With news out that there will be no TakeOver event Royal Rumble weekend, Triple H also spoke about the future of his brand’s big events. He was asked if fans can expect more standalone Takeover shows presented independently of a main roster WWE show.

“I think you’ll see some changes there, but the other thing I don’t want to do, also, is flood the fanbase or overexpose the brand either. I want things to build organically and we have had success. We have the formula, the pacing, the timing and when the Takeovers take place that allows us to have more opportunities for a slower build. And when Takeover is done, we get a little bit of relief to promote the next thing. It allows you more chance to build and create epic stuff. To me that is the goal. I don’t see it changing dramatically.”

The full interview can be read here.