WWE Star Wants To Take Out The Undertaker For Good


Sami Zayn had some interesting comments

One WWE star is more than willing to do a favor for The Undertaker by taking him out for good and that’s Sami Zayn

It appears that Zayn is setting himself up for an attack by the former WWE Champion. This came after The Undertaker made an appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday morning.

He was there to preview the big-time game between the #9 Texas Longhorns and #6 LSU Tigers. Zayn responded to a clip sent out by the show regarding Taker’s entrance where he wrote that he should do the Dead Man the “favor of a lifetime” and kill off his legendary character once and for all.

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It is interesting timing by Zayn as “The Deadman” is scheduled to appear on SmackDown Live in Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night. As of this writing, WWE has yet to announce what Taker will be doing on this show. 

However, if WWE wanted to get Taker physical then the company could play on this. Time will tell what happens when he returns to the brand that he helped build for so many years. 

As noted, the reason that WWE is having The Undertaker appear on this show was in hopes of boosting ticket sales that have been struggling despite the fact that it’s the first time that WWE has held TV events at MSG in the first time in ten years alongside Monday Night RAW the night before.