Baron Corbin Shares His Future Goal In WWE


King of the Ring winner Baron Corbin has shared his new goal in WWE and reflected on shifting away from his Lone Wolf gimmick.

The winner of WWE‘s King of The Ring tournament, Baron Corbin, isn’t content with his recent victory and coronation. Speaking with Digital Spy, Corbin shared his new goal now that he has procured the crown.

“I want to be in a championship match at WrestleMania,” Corbin stated. “So that’s the goal, and I think being King Corbin I can get that done. I can achieve that, it puts me on a level that I can compete for a title at WrestleMania because I think that’s the next step up. I don’t want to move backwards or laterally, so I want to find a moment whether it’s taking the Intercontinental Title from somebody, the US title or the World Heavyweight. It’s what I want and I want to be in that prime spot and to keep rolling.”

Embracing New Gimmicks

Ever since shifting away from his Lone Wolf gimmick, Corbin has been getting more promo opportunities. Fully confident in his skills, Corbin stated that embracing his new gimmick was the “best thing I could have done.”

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“[…] it gave people an opportunity to hear me, it gave me an opportunity to kind of find my own way with the microphone. When I was just that kind of angry metal biker it was something that maybe not everyone could connect to, good or bad. People enjoyed the look and thought I was cool, but when I got the microphone and got to go, I got a chance for people to really hate me and that’s hard to do nowadays.”

Corbin participated in the opening segment of SmackDown’s FOX premiere episode. He would share the screen with WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and WWE Legend Dwayne’ The Rock‘ Johnson, taking finishers from both Superstars.