Baron Corbin’s Throne Breaks During RAW (Video)


Last night during WWE RAW, Baron Corbin’s throne broke while he was sitting on it. Randy Orton was also on the stage while the throne broke, and was unable to contain his laughter at what happened.

Users on Twitter posted the following video of Corbin’s throne breaking with him on it:

According to Corbin, Chad Gable’s initial destruction of the throne is what led to last night’s incident.

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Corbin then used a “Michael Bolton from Office Space” GIF to respond to one Twitter account:

Baron Corbin – King of the Ring

Despite no longer having a working throne, Baron Corbin is the 20th person to have been crowned King of the Ring. He won 4 matches in a tournament to declare the first King since Bad News Barrett in 2015. Corbin defeated the Miz, Cedric Alexander, Ricochet & Samoa Joe in a triple threat match, and then Chad Gable.

Following his tournament victory, Corbin told WWE correspondents that spite motivated him to win.

“This crown is just another notch in my belt, it’s another trophy on my shelf, because I won this out of spite,” the new King said. “There were people all around the world whining and crying, ‘Anybody but Baron Corbin, please anybody but Baron Corbin.’ What do I do? I go out and win, out of spite.”