Details On Vince’s Email To Employees, The Rock Delivers SmackDown Viewers


Vince McMahon sent out an internal email.

Vince McMahon took the time to send an internal email to his employees on Monday. reports that the WWE Chairman and CEO thanked everyone for the success of Friday’s SmackDown FOX premiere.

In the email, McMahon mentioned that the top-rated segment for the show was the opening in-ring segment that saw The Rock, King Baron Corbin and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch exchange words. The segment ended with Rock and Lynch hitting their finishers to Corbin. 

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This is where McMahon noted that the segment brought in 4 million viewers. The message also touted the fact that SmackDown doubled the #2 show of the night in all key demographics.

He also offered his thanks for their help in achieving success for the premiere episode. 

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McMahon did make a brief appearance on the episode, which also served as the 20th Anniversary special, as he was shown with his daughter, Stephanie McMahon. 

He welcomed everyone to Friday Night SmackDown. They then led the show to the new SmackDown opening video package.

The show averaged 3.888 million viewers after initially pulling in 3.87 million viewers in the fast nationals. The Kickoff show pulled in 2.329 viewers.