Kevin Owens Not Happy With WWE Draft


The WWE Draft 2019 has kicked off on this week’s Friday Night SmackDown, and we saw a total of 20 selections on the first day of the Draft.

Among these, was SmackDown’s Kevin Owens. He was selected by Monday Night Raw as the 13th overall pick in the third round of the draft.

After SmackDown, Owens published a short post on his Twitter, writing “Round 3.” Shortly after, he expanded on what he meant. Owens wasn’t too happy that he wasn’t selected until the third round.

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Kevin revealed that WWE has decided to not post the footage of an interview where he was asked to give his thoughts on the draft, because he appeared to be “angry”.

Kevin Owens was chosen by Raw in the third round of the draft behind Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, Bobby Lashley, and Lacey Evans.

For the past few months, Kevin Owens was mostly involved in a storyline with Shane McMahon on SmackDown, where most recently he won a Ladder match against Shane. The match’s stipulation was of “loser leaves WWE“, and the belief is that this was done to not only wrap up the program but to get McMahon off of television.

The storyline between Owens and McMahon started on an episode of SmackDown Live in August where Owens cut a promo about how McMahon takes up too much TV time and nobody wanted to see him on TV all the time.

Shane hasn’t been seen on SmackDown since and now Owens is looking to begin a new chapter on Raw.