NXT Japan Rumored, WWE’s Talks To Purchase Pro Wrestling NOAH


WWE reportedly attempted to purchase Pro Wrestling NOAH and turn it into NXT Japan.

NXT Founder and Senior Producer Triple H has used the term “Global Localization” to describe the expansion of WWE‘s NXT brands into several countries. One country long discussed as a potential future host of an NXT brand is Japan.

According to a report from Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE attempted to purchase Pro Wrestling NOAH recently and use it as the foundation for a Japanese-based NXT territory.

“They are definitely working on it,” Dave Meltzer said recently in regards to WWE looking to build an NXT Japan. “They’ve talked to a number of companies in Japan. They’ve attempted to buy some companies in Japan. I don’t know of any deals that have gone through. The ones I’ve heard about didn’t go through.”

NXT Japan

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Meltzer continued, “They wanted to buy [Pro Wrestling] NOAH, it didn’t go through. There’s talk about different people being hired as Japanese trainers, big names. I don’t want to say until I get the names confirmed but there are definitely two names that are very big that have gone around as far as them hiring. Yeah, they want to do NXT Japan, absolutely. They’ve been making moves in that direction.”

There were also reports earlier this summer that WWE was looking at creating an “NXT Canada” possibly using Santino Marrella’s school and promotion in Mississauga, ON, as its base.

A big announcement regarding Japanese wrestling is expected on Friday.