Vince Russo Says Eric Bischoff Getting Fired From WWE Was Karma


Vince Russo has offered his thoughts on Eric Bischoff's departure from WWE.

Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff worked together in creative while both were in WCW in the late stages of the company and then again in TNA Wrestling years later. On the heels of Bischoff’s latest departure from WWE, Vince Russo appeared on Konnan’s “Keepin it 100” podcast and called his former colleague’s firing “Karma.”

“Let me make it real simple,” Russo said on the show. “Karma is a b**ch, bro. These are guys, Bruce Pritchard and Eric Bischoff, to this minute are still burying me on their podcasts. Bro, these guys just lost a million viewers in one week and you’re burying me? Seriously bro?”

“Losing a million viewers is unheard of, like unheard of,” Russo continued.

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This led to Disco Inferno bringing up that many shows drop a percentage of their audience from their debut to their second episode, such as AEW.

AEW is a new company, AEW is a brand new company, WWE is a brand that has been around for five decades bro, and that’s the problem man. They still think that they can get over on their brand.”

Konnan then issued his thoughts on WWE. “This is my assessment of WWE: They’re McDonald’s, they’re the biggest, they’re not the best.”

Russo’s comments can be heard in their entirety in the player below: