MLW Fusion Results & 6 Takeaways (2/1/20)


Major League Wrestling presented another episode of Fusion this weekend.

Major League Wrestling presented an episode of Fusion from Dallas, Texas on BeIN Sports and YouTube this weekend. The show featured a no-ropes, no-holds-barred match between Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Simon Gotch as well as a single’s match between Marshall Von Erich and MJF. The Middleweight title was also on the line this week as Myron Reed from Injustice defended against AAA’s Drago.

MLW Fusion 2/1/20 Quick Results:

  1. No Ropes, No Holds Barred
    Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Simon Gotch via referee stoppage
  2. MLW Middleweight Championship
    Myron Reed (c) defeated Drago
  3. Marshall Von Erich defeated Maxwell Jacob Friedman

The full show can be viewed in its entirety in the player below:

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Here are 6 takeaways from MLW Fusion 2/1/20:

Marshall Von Erich Defeated Maxwell Jacob Friedman

With this episode of Fusion having been taped in Dallas, Texas, the live crowd was enthusiastically behind Marshall Von Erich in this match here. The Von Erich’s bitter rival, Tom Lawlor, joined the broadcast booth for this one as well. Meanwhile, Ross Von Erich was off wrestling in Israel and wasn’t in attendance for the show.

To start off this match the two locked up and didn’t let go as they took their lockup to the outside, around the ring area, and then back into the ring again.

MJF would attempt to pull out all the tricks in the book during this match. At one point he trapped Marshall’s fingers in the steel connecting the turnbuckles in an effort to prevent the Iron Claw from being used on him. Hammerstone and the Dynasty’s newest member, Gino Medina, would attempt to interfere as well but to no avail. Marshall would pick up the victory with the Iron Claw as the Dallas fans went nuts. Following his victory, Marshall would have to fend off the remaining members of the Dynasty as well as Lawlor.

The loss likely spells the end of MJF‘s time in MLW, at least for the foreseeable future. MJF finished up with the promotion at the tapings in Dallas but the Dynasty has added to its roster as of late and will look to continue its run of success in their post-MJF era.

King Mo Looking To Face Low-Ki?

An interview in the back with Low-Ki was interrupted by King Mo and Dan Lambert from American Top Team this week. Mo pointed out that Low-Ki trains with the Gracie family and King Mo KO’ed Roger Gracie in 2011. Low-Ki has been finishing his opponents via referee’s stoppage/KO as of late but King Mo doesn’t seem interested in giving him credit as MLW‘s resident Knockout King.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. Gets Revenge On Contra Unit

Contra Unit is attempting to dismantle the Hart Foundation. Josef Samael sent Teddy Hart out of the territory with a fireball to the face and now the faction has turned its sights on Brian Pillman Jr. and the reigning Opera Cup winner, Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Last week, Samael challenged Smith to face Simon Gotch in a no-ropes, no-holds-barred Bloodsport-styled match. Smith and Gotch faced each other in such a match to kick things off this week on Fusion. The match started with a very technical style with both men looking for submissions. Eventually, Smith would change strategies, however, and won the match via referee’s stoppage after several suplexes in a succession relieved Gotch of his consciousness.

Myron Reed Retains Against Drago

Drago had an opportunity to win the MLW Middleweight Championship this week against Myron Reed. The popular luchador from AAA would have to contend with the other members of Injustice, Jordan Oliver and Kotto Brazil, on the outside. In the end, the frequent interference would be too much for Drago and Reed would pick up the win with his patented springboard 450 Splash.

Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini Star In Dallas Spoof

With MLW in Texas, and Lawlor likely now the most hated man in the state, the former MLW World Champion debuted a vignette this week featuring himself and his Team Filthy stablemate. Lawlor’s video was a spoof on the famous Dallas TV series. Also along with Lawlor in this video was a member of Team Filthy, Dominic Garrini, who went “Full Gi” on the streets of Dallas as the pair tried on Cowboy boots and visited “Wild Bill’s Western Shop.”

Mance Warner Wants A Shot At Alex Hammerstone

Mance Warner was victorious over Jimmy Havoc in a barbed-wire match last week on Fusion. This week, cameras found a bloodied Warner backstage. According to Warner, now that he’s got Havoc in his rear-view mirror he’s going to drink a few beers and then go after gold. In particular, Warner mentioned that he’s going to be gunning after Alexander Hammerstone and the MLW National Openweight Championship.

MLW still has several matches from the Zero Hour tapings from January 11th, 2020 in Dallas to air. This weekend, the promotion was in Philadelphia’s famed 2300 Arena for Fightland as well.