MLW Fusion Results & 5 Takeaways (3/21/20)


MLW Fusion this week emanated from Philadelphia's 2300 Arena.

Major League Wrestling presented an episode of Fusion this weekend on BeIN Sports and YouTube. The show emanated from Philadelphia’s famed 2300 Arena and featured an 8-Man tag-team main event.

The full episode of the show can be viewed in the player below:

MLW Fusion 3/21/20 Quick Results:

  1. El Lindaman defeated Zenshi
  2. The Blue Meanie defeated Richard Holliday via count-out
  3. Killer Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Ross & Marshall Von Erich defeated Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini, Erick Stevens, & Kit Osbourne
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Here are 5 Takeaways from MLW Fusion this week:

King Mo & American Top Team Join Team Filthy

The main event of Fusion this week featured an 8-man tag team match as Tom Lawlor’s Team Filthy took on the Von Erich brothers, Killer Kross, and Davey Boy Smith Jr. Last week on Fusion, Lawlor was disqualified in his singles match against Kross setting up this week’s main event.

It was noted on commentary that at times this match resembled the old Philadelphia Flyers games from back in the team’s Broad Street Bullies days.

The Von Erich’s would take control early before Ross missed a knee in the corner which allowed Team Filthy the advantage. A hot tag would later bring in Kross, however, and he would suplex all of Lawler’s cronies.

Kross accidentally hit the referee, however, taking him out of action. This allowed the former Rip Von Erich, and Team Filthy yoga instructor Kit Osbourne to land a low blow on Davey Boy Smith Jr. This brought in Marshall Von Erich who gave the imposter Von Erich an Iron Claw Slam followed by a moonsault to get the pin.

The end of the match did little to stop the brawl, however, as the babyfaces continued to take it to Team Filthy member Osbourne after the match.

It was right in the show’s closing moments when King Mo attacked Killer Kross from behind backstage and announced that he and American Top Team have joined Team Filthy.

King Mo is set to take on Low-Ki next episode after weeks of antagonizing comments from both competitors.

Mance Warner Helps Blue Meaning Defeat Richard Holliday

It was announced this week on Fusion that Mance Warner had been attacked at the pay window by Maxwell Jacob Friedman recently, and MLW officials banned MJF from the 2300 Arena as a result.

It was also arranged that Richard Holliday would face a mystery opponent this week, something Holliday’s lawyer/father was likely not pleased about.

Warner chose someone with a lot of history in the former ECW Arena as the Blue Meanie would take on the current possessor of the Caribbean Championship.

Holliday was distracted by Warner at the commentary booth, however, and it would end up costing him the match. He took the time to pour out one of Warner’s light beers but the Southern Psychopath would then blow beer mist in his face and prevent him from getting back in the ring in time to meet the referee’s count. As a result, the Blue Meanie picked up a victory inside the ECW Arena via count-out. The loss will no doubt not sit well with the members of the Dynasty.

It was later announced on the show that Warner has challenged MJF to an empty arena match with the loser having to leave MLW.

Los Parks Cook Eggs & Sausage, Gunning For MLW Gold

MLW fans were also treated to a special cooking show this week featuring LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park. The Father and son combo cooked up sausage and eggs while stating they are after some championship gold in MLW.

The segment ended when LA Park grew upset about not having his chopping board or being able to add onions to the meal.

El Lindaman Pulls Off Victory Over Zenshi

This week’s show kicked off with a high-paced match between El Lindaman and Zenshi. Zenshi came into the match with a taped-up shoulder and El Lindaman was not shy about focussing on his opponent’s injured limb throughout the match. In the end, however, it was the member of OVE’s vicious suplexes that would earn him the victory here. He hit a blue thunder bomb followed by a tiger suplex to get the win.

Brian Pillman Jr. Faces Jordan Oliver Next Week

It was also announced on MLW Fusion this week that Brian Pillman jr. will take on Jordan Oliver next week. Pillman and Injustice have been at odds since the Opera Cup last year. The members of Injustice were alternates in the tournament and attacked Pillman backstage at the venue. Pillman made it all the way to the finals, eventually losing to his Hart Foundation stablemate, Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Pillman has since said he is going to be dropping weight so that he can compete in MLW‘s middleweight division. He will be looking to earn a shot against middleweight champion Myron Reed. He’ll get his chance to show what he can do as a middleweight next week when he takes on Reed’s stablemate Jordan Oliver.

That match is in addition to King Mo vs Low-Ki also scheduled for next week’s show.