AEW Dynamite Results (6/24): Jericho & Orange Cassidy Face Off, Matches Set For Fyter Fest


AEW Dynamite aired live from Daily’s Place tonight on TNT. It was the final episode of Dynamite before Night 1 of Fyter Fest next week. The cards for each night of Fyter Fest were announced during tonight’s show. AEW Champion Jon Moxley missed tonight’s show due to COVID-19 concerns. Taz cut a promo on Moxley to hype the AEW Champioinship match at Fyter Fest after Brian Cage picked up another dominating win tonight.

Dynamite Results (6/24)

  1. Wardlow def. Luchasaurus in a Lumberjack Match
  2. Brodie Lee & Colt Cabana def. Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela
  3. FTR def. SCU
  4. Hikaru Shida def. Red Velvet
  5. Brian Cage def. Joe Cruz
  6. Matt Hardy def. Santana

Here are 6 takeaways from this week’s show:

Wardlow Used A Cheap Shot To Defeat Luchasaurus

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Luchasaurus squared off against Wardlow in a Lumberjack Match tonight on Dynamite.

Match Recap: Wardlow dominated the action early and leveled Luchasaurus with a Clothesline. Wardlow sent Luchasaurus out of the ring and the heel lumberjacks beat him down. Luchasaurus sent them all flying and hopped on the apron. MJF distracted Luchasaurus and Wardlow capitalized with a shot to the ribs.

Luchasaurus battled back and hit a Moonsault for a near fall. Wardlow planted Luchasaurus with a Superplex and went for the cover but Luchasaurus kicked out at two. Luchasaurus hit a Spanish Fly for another two count. Wardlow rolled out of the ring to regroup and Luchasaurus followed him out there.

Wardlow connected with a slam on the entrance ramp and then launched Jungle Boy to the heel side of the ring. Marko Stunt flipped onto the heels as Wardlow & Luchasaurus battled on the entrance ramp. Wardlow launched Stunt and Cutler onto the lumberjacks but turned around into a right hand from Luchasaurus.

Luchasaurus hit a massive Shooting Star Press onto everyone before the action returned to the ring. Luchasaurus connected with a Chokeslam and went for the cover but MJF distracted the referee. Jungle Boy hit MJF with a Spear as Wardlow hit Luchasaurus with a low blow. Wardlow followed it up with the F10 for the pinfall victory.

After the match, a brawl broke out and all the wrestlers entered the ring. It was announced that MJF & Wardlow will face Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus at Fyter Fest.

Hager & Catalina Disrespected Cody

Cody, Arn Anderson, and the rest of the Nightmare family had a conference to promote the TNT Championship match at Fyter Fest.

Anderson claimed that it was disrespectful of Hager not to show up to the press conference or is too stupid. Cody was asked how it felt to be TNT Champion and Cody stated that it feels like hope. Cody complimented Ricky Starks and pointed out how he had no money arriving at Dynamite and left with a job last week.

Cody noted how the TNT Championship was in complete but was still beautiful. Hager and his wife showed up and Jake asked Cody if he was ready. Jake and Cody had a stare down before Hager put his fist up against Cody’s face. Cody slapped Hager’s hand away before Catalina launched a drink in Cody’s face to end the segment.

FTR Will Team With Young Bucks At Fyter Fest

FTR (Photos: AEW)

SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels battled FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) tonight.

Match Recap: Daniels and Kazarian controlled the action early and isolated Wheeler in the ring. Both teams got in the ring and traded shots as Dynamite went to a break.

When Dynamite returned, Kazarian hit Wheeler with a Suplex before tagging Daniels in. Wheeler knocked Daniels to the canvas and tagged in Harwood. Dax hit Daniels with a Suplex and then Clotheslined Kazarian out of the ring. Wheeler and Frankie tagged in and traded chops in the middle of the ring.

Frankie got the better of the exchange and planted Wheeler with a Backstabber for a near fall. Harwood tagged in and hit Daniels with a Leg Drop (Veg-O-Matic) for a near fall. Daniels planted Hawrood with Angels Wings but Wheeler broke up the cover. Wheeler then tagged in and FTR hit Midnight Express for the pinfall victory.

After the match, FTR cut a promo and said that they were not a welcome addition to the tag team division. Harwood claimed that FTR was the best tag team in the world before Butcher & Blade showed up in FTR’s truck. Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix got in the ring behind FTR as Butcher & Blade suggested an 8-man tag at Fyter Fest. Lucha Bros beat FTR down before Young Bucks made the save. FTR & Young Bucks will face Butcher & Blade and the Lucha Bros at Fyter Fest. Lucha Bros and Butcher & Blade then drove away in FTR’s truck to end the segment.

Matt Hardy Picked Up A Win

Broken Matt Hardy
Broken Matt Hardy (Photo: AEW)

Matt Hardy faced Santana tonight on Dynamite. Ortiz was ringside for the match.

Match Recap: Santana controlled the action early but Hardy battled back and sent Santana out of the ring with a Back Body Drop. Hardy followed him out there and launched Santana into the barricade. When Dynamite returned from a break, Hardy connected with a boot to Santana’s face. Santana knocked Matt to the canvas and went for a Splash but Hardy got out of the way.

Hardy hit a massive Clothesline and went for the cover but Santana kicked out at two. Matt hit the Side Effect and went for the cover but Santana powered out at one. Hardy hit another Side Effect and got a two count this time. Hardy rolled up Santana for the pinfall victory. After the match, Ortiz attacked Matt with the madball. Santana & Ortiz followed it up with the Street Sweeper before Private Party ran to the ring for the save. Private Party will square off against Santana & Ortiz at Fyter Fest. Matt Hardy will be in Private Party’s corner for the match.

Full Cards For Both Nights Of Fyter Fest Were Revealed

The match cards were announced for Night 1 (July 1st) and Night 2 (July 8th) of Fyter Fest during tonight’s show.

Night 1

  1. Private Party (w/ Matt Hardy) vs. Santana & Ortiz
  2. MJF & Wardlow vs. Jurassic Express
  3. Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Penelope Ford (AEW Women’s Championship
  4. Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (c) vs. Best Friends (AEW Tag Team Championship)
  5. Cody (c) vs. Jake Hager (TNT Championship)

Night 2

  1. SCU vs. Dark Order
  2. Lance Archer vs. Joey Janela
  3. Nyla Rose vs. TBA
  4. FTR & Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros and Butcher & Blade
  5. Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy
  6. Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brian Cage (AEW Championship)

Orange Cassidy Sent A Message To Jericho Leading Into Fyter Fest

Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy met in the ring tonight before their match at Fyter Fest. Jericho told Orange Cassidy that he is the wrestling form of the “why did the chicken cross the road?” joke and he thinks his act is stupid. Chris claimed that he called Tony Khan and complained when AEW signed Orange Cassidy.

Jericho noted that people love Orange Cassidy because he is a lot like them, lazy, a slacker, and not having what it takes to make it to the top. Chris told Orange Cassidy to not try any of that bullsh*t shin kick stuff at Fyter Fest because he will knock his teeth down his throat. Orange Cassidy took the microphone away from Jericho and put it down on the canvas.

Orange Cassidy did his lazy kicks before putting his hands in his pockets. Jericho smirked and took off Cassidy’s glasses. Jericho broke the glasses and threw then at Orange. Cassidy tackled Jericho out of the ring and chased him into the crowd. Jericho hit Orange with a barricade and the battle continued into the limited fan seating.

Cassidy hit Jericho with an elbow to the face and then swung the camera jib into Orange Cassidy‘s face. Orange Cassidy hit Jericho with a leaping Superman Punch that sent Jericho through a table. Orange Cassidy then put on a pair of sunglasses as blood poured down from his ear to close the show.

Opinion: This week’s episode of Dynamite was another good show and did a solid job of hyping up Fyter Fest. There are matches I’m looking forward to on both nights of the event. Orange Cassidy versus Jericho should be great, but the 8-man tag match announced tonight between FTR & Young Bucks vs. Butcher, Blade & Lucha Bros is probably the match I’m most excited about.