Seth Rollins: “Audiences Don’t Have The Patience For Long Term Storytelling”


Seth Rollins has some interesting thoughts on the new generation of fans

Seth Rollins has been known for making some controversial comments in recent times and the Monday Night Messiah has made another interesting remark.

The former World Champion was recently a guest on The Gorilla Position Podcast where he talked about a number of things including the declining ratings of Raw, the concept of Raw Underground and more.

Talking about his Messiah gimmick, the former Shield member revealed that they haven’t planned things months in advance and Rollins said that there is no timetable on how things will go:

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“Although I have been careful to craft the character, nothing has been perfectly planned out for months in advance; there has been no timetable on how things are going to go.”

Seth Rollins On Today’s Audience

The former NXT Champion then made a very interesting claim, saying that today’s audience does not have the patience for long term storyline and according to Seth; this is the age of instant gratification:

“In the age of instant gratification, audiences don’t have the patience for long term storytelling, when you can binge-watch your favorite series in two days, as opposed to two months, it creates a different precedent for how we intake our entertainment.”

Seth Rollins later explained how things have changed since the old days of wrestling saying that the people are consuming entertainment differently and they have to adapt according to it as well.

What do you think about the Monday Night Messiah’s comment on today’s audiences? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.